Final Paper Scientific Journal Article Critique

Scientific Journal Article Critique

Being able to read and critically analyze scientific journal articles is an important part of learning and applying scientific research to environmental management. Through the first four weeks of this course, you have become more familiar with the various components of scientific literature by reading and writing sections of your own. For your Final Paper, read and critically review the journal article selected in Week Three of the course. To begin, read “Using a Scientific Journal Article to Write a Critical Review.” Next, utilize the information from this week’s reading to critique the selected article. The critique at a minimum should contain the following information:

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Before beginning this assignment, read over the Final Paper: Scientific Journal Article Critique instructions located in Week Five of the course. Then, select a scientific journal article that you will critique in the final week of this course. The article must be located in ProQuest and needs to be from a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal covering a topic related to environmental studies. Once you have selected an appropriate article, provide the proper APA citation for this article and write a brief three- to four-sentence summary of how the article’s research supports the main topic.

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