What is entrainment, according to the week’s readings?

What is entrainment, according to the week’s readings?

Information: please read the reading assignment first, then write 2 – 3 pages assignment. (But make sure you consistent the last assignment Lady GaGa – Applause). I will give you some my classmate’s examples for you, so you can use their assignment. However, you cannot exactly copy their sentences and you have to applythe theory in my assignment too.

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For this week’s writing assignment:

Part1: What is entrainment, according to the week’s readings? Give an example related to your song and/or performer. How and what is communicated through rhythm and movement by your performer and/or song?

Part2: Given what you wrote in response to the above prompt, how does your case study (study of your song and performer) affirm, contradict, or otherwise relate to Hesselink’s study and argument? Does Hesselink’s theoretical framework useful for advancing our understanding of your case study?

Part3: Given what you have learned about rhythmic and other aspects of nonverbal communication in music, provide one suggestion regarding the class music video. How would you like to see the meaning of the class song communicated through movement in the music video?



Contrary to last week’s reading about the creativity in songwriting, this week’s author’s focused on the importance of rhythm in music. Rhythm is a big part of composing music without an appealing rhythm, would it be music? It is difficult to write lyrics without a beat. Rhythm makes a steady pattern for the song so the song flows better. It is how the listeners feel and experience the music. The rhythm defines how the song is meant to be interpreted by listeners. If the beat is fast and upbeat then usually the song is uplifting and happy. However, if the rhythm of a song is slower then it is generally a more meaningful, sentimental piece of work. As both authors emphasized in their texts, the rhythm is a way of communication to portray the attitude of the song. An artist who portrays attitude and personality well through his rhythm is Tom Petty. Tom Petty plays his instrument with soul and rhythm that the audience is able to feel while listening.

An example from Tom Petty’s song, “Free Fallin’”, is the opening strum on the guitar. It is a very slow, relaxed pace so it speaks to the audience that it will be a song of regret and trouble. However, when the boyfriend feels free from the relationship and life the rhythm picks up because Petty wants the audience to feel the freedom that the boyfriend feels from this newfound single life. Towards the end of the song, the boyfriend soon realizes that he made a mistake and misses the ‘good girl’ so the pace of the song slows back down to tell the audience the boyfriend’s feelings of remorse and unhappiness for losing the girl. Thus, Petty’s song demonstrates to us how the rhythm of a song relates to the song’s lyrics and how the artist wants us to connect with their emotions.

The class song, “With You”, confirmed that the song’s rhythm can initiate our emotions and connect with the artist. Maghanga used one instrument, the guitar, to associate us with her song. The guitar rhythm is a simply, steady beat; she plays the guitar at a slow pace to portray to us this is a passionate, sad song about a relationship. Since this song is about two people in a romantic relationship, I think showing two people in love would be the best way to portray this song in a music video. It also would best to be depicted as memories because Maghanga’s lyrics are in the past and she lists a few memories they had together.

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