Eating behaviors that (increase,decrease) cancer risk

Eating behaviors that (increase,decrease) cancer risk

Eating Behaviors that (Increase, Decrease) Cancer Risk It has been determined by The World Health Organization that dietary factors explain at least thirty percent of all types of cancers that have been diagnosed in Western countries while twenty percent of those diagnosed in the developing countries.


Extensive researches in Germany and England depicted that vegetarians were around forty percent less probable to develop cancer in comparison to those who eat meat (Frentzel-Beyme and Chang-Claude, 1993).
Within the US, Seventh-day Adventists, which is a religious group that is noticeable because although almost all of its member avoid alcohol and tobacco and practice normally healthy lifestyles, fifty percent of the whole group members are vegetarian, while fifty percent consumes modest quantities of meat.
This group permitted the researchers to separate the impacts of consuming meat from other contributors. By and large, noticeable reductions in risk of cancer were depicted by these researches amongst the fraction of the group that was vegetarian (Nicholson, Barnard & Howard, 1995).
In contrast, it was shown by the Harvard researcher that people who consume meat on daily basis are around three times more prone to risk of colon cancer when compared with those people who consumed meat on rare occasions.
In the second review of the main researches on nutrition, food and cancer prevention published by the AICR (American Institute for Cancer Research) in 2007, it was ascertained that for cancers of lung, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, endometrium , prostate and colorectal, red meat (pork, lamb or beef) and processed meat intake possibly heightened cancer risk………………………………………………………

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