Diversity in Health Care nursing essay

Diversity in Health Care

Diversity in Health Care Considering various needs of heath care in the 21st century, it is important to diversify the workforce in this sector. In the workplace, diversity means a deliberate initiative by management of organisations to search and employ persons from different societal set-ups.
Diversification in health care fosters research in the neglected areas of societal need enriching a pool of mangers that can make policies needed by a diverse community.

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Additionally, diverse health care will increase accessibility of health facilities to the underserved and the minority groups in the society. United States is unlike many other countries with a background comprising of diverse communities that have different ways of life.

Despite the background, statistics show that as the population of the whites grows with a certain percentage, African American population grows by more than three times the white’s percentage.

The Native American population, Hispanic population, and Asian population increases by a larger percentage than that of the African American.

According to Campinha-Bacote, growing multicultural community and the long-standing disparities in the health status of persons from other diverse backgrounds have made health providers to try to solve the problem through diversification of workforce, Campinha-Bacote (2003).

The rate at which different communities are migrating to the United States calls for diversity in the health care sector to ensure that all groups receive quality health care services…………………….

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