Discuss and evaluate the problems faced by project managers essay

Discuss and evaluate the problems faced by project managers

Introduction Projects are self-contained, temporary and complex tasks that do not fit into the routine organizational processes. They require specific management practices and dedicated modes of organization (Bresnen, Goussevskaia & Swan 2004).

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Project management has been defined as the “application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to meet or exceed stakeholder needs and expectations from the project” (Dooley, Lupton & Sullivan, 2006).
The major assumptions have to be documented as they impact the planning and estimation process. Assumptions also imply a degree of risk and hence all members of the team should understand the assumptions involved in project planning. Projects are not only about managing change but also about managing relationships and managing uncertainty (Bourne & Walker, 2005).

The construction and defense industries have been the primary users have been the primary users of project management to deliver outcomes. Projects are usually tangible having straightforward “command and control structures” where authority and responsibility is appropriately balanced.

However, the situation became difficult and managing change became difficult as organizations moved from relatively simple functional structure to the complexity of the matrix structure. The changed business environment requires a different management paradigm.

The paradox of project control is that the project manager has to be vigil in controlling the outcome of the project amidst change and uncertainty when the project manager is himself affected b y the same change and uncertainty. …………………

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