Diet and Supplemental Schedules among Body Builders and Aerobic Athletes NURSING ESSAY

Diet and Supplemental Schedules among Body Builders and Aerobic Athletes

Good diet and proper nutrition are significant components in determining performance in sporting. Whether one is a weekend sports person, competing athlete or daily exerciser, the key to successful performance lies in a nutritionally sufficient diet.
These essentials should be in their proportions specific to body requirements and sporting activity. Sufficient fluid intake is also important in preventing dehydration and supporting performance. There is a significant association between good nutrition, good health and sports performance. As such, interest in how nutrition impacts sporting has now developed in a science. Sports personalities are now considering a strict adherence to diet so as to obtain peak performance. This paper conducts a comparative review of diets from four accomplished sports personnel. The review includes four diets, two from body builders and two from aerobic sporting personalities. The body building section will review the diets of Hugo Rivera and Kelly Gonzalez, whereas; the aerobic athletes’ section will review the diets of Ryan Denner and a group of Kenyan athletes in a long distance race training camp in Kenya. Body Builders’ Diets Hugo Rivera’s Diet Hugo Rivera is a body builder and personal trainer in America. Hugo holds over ten titles in body building and has made various publications on body building and diet issues. The diet under review is known as the “2001 Drug Free NPC Typhoon Bay,” and was a recommendation for Hugo Rivera by his nutritionist Tim Gardner (Rivera, 2012). The diet will be tabulated in a three column table. ……………………..

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