Dental Hygienist: health Buddy of Children essay

Dental Hygienist: health Buddy of Children

Dental Hygienist: Health Buddy Of Children Introduction Having a health body is very essential for healthy mind and peaceful living.

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Different parts of the body perform different functions. Hence, it is important to take care of all the body parts.

However, most of the times, people ignore the daily care and attention needed to be given to certain body parts.

However, with the help of timely information regarding dental care practices, development of dental problems can be avoided. Prevention of dental problems is possible only when one takes care of teeth right from the childhood.

Hence, it is extremely important to impart knowledge of dental care to children. The important role of helping children understand the need of dental health is played by dental hygienist.

A timely help and provision of dental health information to children can not only prevent dental problems and related diseases in childhood, but also ensure healthy teeth and jaw in adulthood.

Hence, to be a dental hygienist, as far as having an impact on children is concerned, means undertaking a responsibility which provides job satisfaction, feeling of service to society and fun of working with children.

Role of dental hygienist Studies in the field of dental health have revealed that lack of dental care in early childhood leads to a dental disorder known as ‘early childhood caries’ (ECC).

ECC occurs when a child has one or more decayed teeth, missing teeth due to caries or filled surface in any primary tooth. The increase the understanding of ECC, due to the studies conducted in last five decades has revealed the root causes of ECC. ………………………….

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