critical analysis essay on Good intelligence is critical to a successful counter terrorism strategy

critical analysis essay on Good intelligence is critical to a successful counter terrorism strategy

During the War against terror, operational intelligence assessment plays crucial role in both defensive and offensive operations, for example in Afghanistan Iraq.

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Prevention of terrorism depends on acquiring and gathering accurate, timely, relevant and reliable information and blocking anything from happening.

Law enforcement agencies respond on intelligence requirements accompanied with their knowledge of the actions of the local extremist groups. It has become an arduous task to decipher, prioritize, package, collect, disseminate and respond to everything that results from terrorism1. Therefore, with the intelligence role in place, the law enforcement groups play a more proactive function instead of being restricted to a post-incident investigative role.

The tactic based on varying fact-finding tools available and utilized in the defense of the country. Intelligence is also important in homeland security and defense.  It is important to predetermine and to prevent terrorist attacks by interdicting the terrorists and their resources prior reaching their targets. The fundamental strategy to accomplish this is through collaboration of law enforcement and intelligence work2. This paper focus on the role of intelligence, intelligence classifications, counterintelligence, intelligence sharing and challenge of collecting and analyzing information related to terrorists.

Terrorism is a law enforcement issue and an intelligence matter. Although after a terrorist attack, post-incident examinations are helpful in investigating……………………

certain features of the attack, for example, nature of the explosive used and the conveyance medium. The cross-referencing of these elements with built patterns to identify the affiliate of the terrorist group. Monitoring and surveillance of suspected components by law enforcement groups working hand in hand with intelligence groups, can uncover comparable patterns of terrorist action prompting to the apprehension of the components and preventing a terrorist from acting.

Because of the established knowledge techniques, signals and warning intelligence, knowledge of enemy competencies is the key point of convergence of enthusiasm at the tactical level, while learning of the enemies’ intention is paramount at the strategic level. Based on the need of the information intelligence prerequisites, order of fight intelligence and indication and cautioning indications and criteria take in place3. As opposed to counter terrorism, this is not by any means pertinent. Here party is interested in early determination of both the capabilities and the intention of the terrorist sect4. Hence, the skillful adjustment rather than adoption of traditional intelligence approach and warning and indication intelligence is the obliged need.
During the cold-war……………………………………………………

Good intelligence is critical to a successful counter terrorism strategy

Good intelligence is critical to a successful counter terrorism strategy

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