Criminal Courts Individual Project Week One

Criminal Courts Individual Project Week One
It is unusual when a case proceeds through both the state and federal court systems. Read each of the court decisions identified below that discuss Michigan State Department of Police v. Sitz. This case involves the use by Michigan of driving under the influence (DUI) roadblock stops. Case decisions are as follows: •496 U.S. 444 (1990) •193 Mich. App. 690, 485 N.W.2d 135 (1992) •443 Mich. 744, 506 N.W.2d 209 (1993) Address the following questions after reading the assigned material: •What were the issues on appeal raised by Sitz in the Michigan appellate court? •How did the appellate court resolve those issues? •How did Sitz’s case enter the federal court system? •What issues did he raise before the United States Supreme Court? •How did the Supreme Court resolve the case? •What differences can you identify between the way the Michigan state courts addressed the issues raised by Sitz and how the Supreme Court addressed them? Cite a minimum of 3 library resources that aid in discussing the differences between state and federal courts. Particular emphasis should be placed on jurisdictional differences between state and federal courts and the various reasons why the Supreme Court had jurisdiction in the Sitz case. The assignments in phases 1–4 of this course are designed to provide background for the Key Assignment activity. Key Assignment In the final phase of this course, you will be presented with a factual scenario from an appellate court case highlighting issues concerning the role of the various participants (prosecution, defense attorney, judge, or jury) in the criminal court process. Based on the scenario and your own library research, you are required to respond to prompts specific to the case. You will be required to cite a minimum of 3 library resources in answering these questions, and to answer the following: •Discuss why you chose these resources to study this case and why you believe they adequately display the function of the court. •Point out in each resource the stage of the criminal court process that is illustrated as well as the criminal court process participants and their roles as outlined in these resources

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