Compose a roundtable discussion about a work and briefly discuss five (5) critical views from secondary sources about the chosen work.

Compose a roundtable discussion about a work and briefly discuss five (5)
critical views from secondary sources about the chosen work. Express your
own critical views about the chosen work AND the chosen secondary sources
because this is what drives this essay. Discuss your critical views about the
similarities and/or differences between the critical views you choose to include in
your essay. Add a works cited page for each work discussed. (Sparknotes,
Enotes, student essays from free essay sites, Homework help sites, Wikipedia,
encyclopedias, Shmoop, anonymous postings, unsigned articles WILL NOT be
accepted) Roundtable discussion must include a works cited page listing each
source cited.
Sources: You MUST have all of the following sources: (1) Three (3) to five (5) journal/
magazine/periodical sources from the AVL, (2) 1 book other than your text. You will need a
minimum of three sources that are sufficiently varied in type and author to show breadth and
depth. Remember also to keep in mind the validity or credibility of your sources, whether these
are well-researched works by unbiased authors as discussed in class. Failure to have the
minimum number and types of required sources will result in an automatic deduction of ten
points off the top of your research paper grade.
Format: Your manuscript should be in MLA (Modern Language Association) format, and a
portion of your grade will be based on your strict adherence to its requirements. Everything
MUST be typed.
What you will turn in when your final paper is due:
1. Manuscript – that’s the paper itself
2. Works cited page attached to the manuscript
3. Printed copies of pages from your sources from which you quoted, paraphrased or
summarized with the information which you used highlighted. This is not the Works
Cited page but literal copies of the pages of sources you cited on the works cited
page. (I will not grade your paper until the sources have been submitted.) After a week,
you will receive a zero if the sources have not been submitted.
You may include a cover page if you wish, but a folder is not necessary. However, the paper
MUST be stapled before you come to class to submit it.
What you will be graded on:
1. The usual elements of the essay: introduction with thesis statement, body with
supporting details, and conclusion.
2. Logical organization of your information.
3. General good writing: varied sentence structure; vibrant language; carefully-phrased
ideas; clarity of writing; standard grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
4. Synthesis of a wide variety of sources in a mixture of paraphrase, summary, and
5. Adherence to format.
6. The ability to include proper parenthetical citations in your text (Newlyn 98) as opposed
to using the more student-popular version guaranteed to garner extra words: According
to Dr. Evelyn Newlyn, Guggenheim Fellow and Professor of Medieval Language and
Literature at Oxford University, who stated in her 1992 article, “Understanding Grendel’s
Mother’s ‘Take-No-Prisoners’ Attitude Within The Context of Feminist Literature” in The
Explicator….. The first example is what you should be using; the second one is
what you need to avoid.
7. Avoidance of plagiarism.
8. Meeting established deadlines. Essay will lose ten points for each day submission is
Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism
1. Academic Dishonesty/Plagiarism. Academic dishonesty is a serious offense. It
includes, but is not limited to, the following infractions:
a. Plagiarism. Plagiarism is the act of using in your own work the ideas or words of
another without properly indicating the source. Simply put, plagiarism is stealing.
b. Internet plagiarism. Taking material from the web and claiming it as your own is
as serious as any other plagiarism and will be treated accordingly.
Any student caught engaging in any form of plagiarism should expect to receive an F on
the assignment in question. Any student aiding another in an act of academic
dishonesty will be held accountable and will be subject to the same penalty.
(Note also that turning in work you have submitted for credit in another class here, in
high school, or anywhere else constitutes academic misconduct and can result at a
minimum of a grade of “F” on the assignment.)
Students are required to meet all established deadlines for quizzes, tests, exams and
research project—no exceptions!

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