What Is Clinical Auditing Nursing Essay

What Is Clinical Auditing

The main aim of the project is atomization of the clinical auditing system to atomize all clinical data from manual errands.

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It is a front end database for the hospital in the image based clinical auditing system. This application can be used to analyze the complete clinical audit process and how this data is used to evaluate the patient information and their health improvement process.

This project also focuses on data reliability by maintaining the database solutions.

All updating from the auditing will be performed regularly and sporadically analyses the data. This application will provides the frontend database and used to Analyzing The internal audit for organization in any hospital.

It will provide a user interface for any user and icon based auditing system. In this dissertation the project will provides the security in each and every level of the database.

Only Administrator can have the right to add the clinical data and the number of user in the hospital. For the others the level of hierarchy will maintain with the surety access.

Periodically final reports will generates and the reports will export to the excel format as for the operations required.

Clinical audit is a process that has been defined as “a quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through systematic review of care against explicit criteria and the implementation of change”. (NICE, 2002)

The key component of clinical audit is that performance is reviewed (or audited) to ensure that what should be done is being done, and if not it provides a framework to enable improvements to be made. It had been formally incorporated in the healthcare systems of a number of countries, for instance in 1993 into the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), and within the NHS there is a clinical audit guidance group in the UK.

One of first ever clinical audits was undertaken by Florence Nightingale during the Crimean War of 1853-1855. On arrival at the medical barracks hospital in Scutari in 1854, Florence was appalled by the unsanitary conditions and high mortality rates among injured or ill soldiers.

She and her team of 38 nurses applied strict sanitary routines and standards of hygiene to the hospital and equipment, and with Florence’s gift with mathematics and statistics, kept meticulous records of the mortality rates among the hospital patients.

Following this change the mortality rates fell from 40% to 2%, and were instrumental in overcoming the resistance of the British doctors and officers to Florence’s procedures.

Her methodical approach, as well as the emphasis on uniformity and comparability of the results of health care, is recognised as one of the earliest programs of outcomes management.

Another famous figure who advocated clinical audit was Ernest Codman .He became known as the first true medical auditor following his work in 1912 on monitoring surgical outcomes.

Codman’s “end result idea” was to follow every patient’s case history after surgery to identify individual surgeon’s errors on specific patie…………………………….

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