Choose a topic related to your current job (or desired career field) from the following list of suggestions:

Choose a topic related to your current job (or desired career field) from the following list of suggestions:

  1. Artificial intelligence.
  2. Augmented reality.
  3. Big data.
  4. Blogging or microblogging.
  5. Cloud computing.
  6. Cloud forensics.
  7. Criminal networks.
  8. Digital divide.
  9. E-commerce or consumer behavior.
  10. Embedded computation.
  11. Enterprise architecture.
  12. Enterprise analytics.
  13. Ergonomic issues.
  14. Health care.
  15. H–CI (human–computer interface).
  16. Mobile technology.
  17. National security.
  18. Online learning or virtual high school.
  19. Product development.
  20. Real-time analytics.
  21. User customization.

Step Two: Research

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Research a topic of interest and choose two scholarly articles that examine cyberpsychology research related to your chosen career field. You may use the Capella library, the Web, or another scholarly resource to find the articles. You may also use the Interpreting Data media piece (linked in the Resources under the Capella Multimedia heading) as an aid to complete this assessment.

Note the following:

  • References should be mostly scholarly in nature. In other words, you should direct your research to professional psychology journals and texts, as well as current articles from the media (for example, articles from PewResearch, professional journals, and respected media).
  • The library guide for this course will help you locate appropriate sources.
  • Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information for this purpose but may be useful for background information. Do not cite Wikipedia.


Complete the following:

  • Using the career topic you chose in Step One, identify your job or the career in which you are interested and explain how your topic relates to the job.
  • Using the two articles related to your chosen career or allied field that you located in Step Two, use theCritique Template, linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading, to guide your evaluation of the methods, procedures, and techniques used in the research. Each article must be evaluated on a separate copy of the template. For each article, complete the following in the template:
    • Explain the data collection methods.
    • Identify the participants and participant recruitment methods.
    • Explain the apparatus or material used to gather research, as well as the procedures performed to collect the data.
    • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the research methodology.
    • Investigate the range of current unresolved issues in cyberpsychology.
  • Using the APA Paper Template, linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading, analyze a career-field-related issue or problem that requires more research.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication:Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Formatting:Format resources and citations according to current APA style and formatting guidelines. Use Microsoft Word.
  • Number of pages:Submit 2 pages for the issue analysis, plus one Critique Template for each scholarly article reviewed.
  • Number of resources:Use two scholarly articles.
  • Font and font size:Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.


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