Carbohydrate Loading research paper

Carbohydrate Loading

Guide to Carbohydrate Loading The four athletes that I am going to guide are-Patrick Makau from Kenya- worlds record holder 2011 TIME: 2:03:38 (GOLD) ,Gezahegne Abera from Ethiopia – 2000-2001 TIME:2:07:54(GOLD) Abel Anton from Spain – 1ST 1997 & 1999 Stefano Baldini from Italy – 1st in 2004 & 3rd in 2001.

Under normal circumstances the energy requirement of the body is met by carbohydrate and fats however, for athletes undergoing strenuous training the main source of energy is carbohydrates which help in the working out of muscles. An athlete is at the peak of his performance as long as his body has enough carbohydrate to supply to his muscles in use.

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Once this storage of carbohydrates depletes and is completely exhausted, the body starts to use up the fats to provide energy. Therefore, it is crucial for athletes, especially those who are engaged in strenuous sports like marathon, to have enough carbohydrate storage during the entire run and this is where carbohydrate loading comes in.

1. The Exact meaning of Carbohydrate Loading Glycogen Supercompensation is the scientific terminology for Carbohydrate Loading. It is the process through which the glycogen level in the muscles maybe increased by 60% through proper training and diet.

Thus, the increased levels of glycogen reserves in the muscles mean that the athlete can now perform his best for a longer period of time without fatiguing his muscles and performing poorly.

All carbohydrate loading methods have two stages- Carbohydrate depletion stage and Carbohydrate replenishment stage. ………………….

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