Business Research Paper: Implementation of ERP Systems

Business Research Paper: Implementation of ERP Systems

Implementation of ERP Systems Name Institution Tutor Date Implementation of ERP Systems Obstacles experienced during implementation ERP systems are considered essential information systems for survival of many companies. An ERP system is a package of business software designed to automate business processes, ensure availability of data and provide real time access to information.
Information is essential for business transactions and ERP systems introduce a centralized source of information. An improved information and communication technology system has led to convergence of global business activities. Many global organizations have incorporated ERP systems to improve their global business operations. Globalization, acquisition, mergers, and aging legacy systems have increased ERP popularity (Harwood, 2003).

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Companies face several complexities in the process of implementing ERP systems. These complexities affect both global and domestic organizations. These complexities are technological or cultural including organizational culture. The reason for ERP implementation in most companies is to provide a solution to Y2K issue (Deloitte, 1999).

Companies conduct a gap analysis to determine necessary changes for the company or the ERP system. Some of the impacts of the system in the organization are often underestimated, which makes the company to struggle with implementation due to lack of enough resources and inexperience with such projects. These barriers become insurmountable for most companies (Calegero, 2000). Companies set deadlines by which the legacy systems have to be replaced. ………………………………..

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