BBK2213 Financial Management 1 Group Assignment

BBK2213 Financial Management 1 Group Assignment


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The Group Article written report and presentation consists of a presentation of particular assigned article as well short write up report of no more than five typed pages, including graphs and tables if any. The article summary is short write up review of particular journal article pertinent to Financial Management (you may look for the articles in any respective financial journal such as Journal of Finance. It is recommended to look for article in the database(s) on which Limkokwing University has subscription, such as Emerald and EBSCO). The article that you chose to elaborate must be relevant to what you have learned in class. The review should be no more than five typed pages, including graphs and tables if any. 2 students will form a group of their choice and analyze the selected article. The assignment is worth 15% of your total grade.


Assignment Report Structure

  • What is learning point of the article

Here you explain in a very concise fashion the learning point of the article including your possible suggestions and solution.

  • Compare your article with learning theory

Compare the outcome of the article with the learning theory (what have you learn in class). Critically examine why article outcome may differ from what you have learn during your semester.

  • Compare your article with similar article(s) in the field

In this section, you compare outcome of the article with outcome(s) of other similar articles in the field (you may read additional three to four article which will help you to derive decision and conclusion).

Submission information

The assignment must be completed by week 9. Late submission will be penalized. Please type the review in Times Roman 11/ Ariel 10 font, with one and half (1.5) spacing (save paper) with numbered pages – The review should not be more than 5 pages. You are obliged to submit a hard copy of elaborated article together with your written report.


ALL facts in the report must be substantiated except those that are obviously common knowledge. This necessarily requires that the source of information be cited. For example, if a statement is made that the local economy is likely to get better or worse over the next five years, then the report MUST indicate the source of this expectation.


rules and regulations

  • You are assigned to complete this assignment as a group of maximum 2 students.
  • You must write the assignment based on real information.


Other technicalities

If you cannot find a group, I will assign you to one of my choice. All the members of a group are required to contribute equally. If the contribution of the members is considerably unequal, you can agree on a different weighting scheme that reflects the contributions of each member. Lacking agreement, you will be asked to provide me with the details of each member’s contribution in writing, and I will decide the weights.


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