Article review Motivating and engaging students in reading Cambria Guthrie

Motivating and engaging students in reading Cambria Guthrie

The correct APA (sixth edition) citation for the article. I will accept both academic journal and teaching related magazines. Please remember that web sites are not necessarily articles. (If you are not familiar with APA style there is a tutorial on the COE web page. As a graduate student you are expected to know and correctly use this style.) Error(s) in the proper APA style will result in point reductions for the article grade. The citation comes before the bullets.

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Bullet at least ten points that you have learned from the article. (If you cannot identify at least ten points then select another article). I will be checking the quality of the information that you report. In at least half of the cases your bullets should include more than one sentence. More information can lead to a higher grade while overly succinct answers will not garner maximum points.


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