Analysis of EIA for an energy project

Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a Wind Power Production Project in Turkana Area of Kenya; East Africa Institution Course Code Instructor CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION 1.0. Project Description The project under consideration will constitute a wind farm situated at the South Eastern end of Lake Turkana.
This is due to the wind circulation system coming as a result of the difference in temperatures of the sun-baked land region and the cooler waters of the lake. The heating of the land air causes rising of hot air, which is promptly replaced by the cool air from the Lake blowing as wind throughout the area until it cools down. Contrary to what happens in the oilfield where depletion occurs, the blowing goes on as long as the as the sun shines (Zavadil et al. 2007). The projected area effectively acts as a funnel whereby the wind streams are accelerated to speed up to 15m/s (UNEP 2006). This ascertains the positivity of the resource to driving turbines for power production. 1.1. Project’s Need The power deficit in Kenya is a serious problem and the production of electric energy using wind, will boost the production to high. The modelling done estimates that wind power installation with capacities of close to 300 megawatts would be required to increase the power production by 20%. The wind farm will include 365 V53 turbines with hub heights of 44 meters to produce clean electricity into the national grid system. 1.2. Project Timelines The project under consideration is scheduled to take five years to completion though in three phases. ……………………

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