Nursing Essays

Nursing Essays

Nursing essay writing is a systematic process that involves researching, writing, and drafting cohesive and coherent research papers and essays on different areas of academic field. Nursing profession, is by far, the most revered and respectable field. The nursing scholars must take care while selecting and researching on their topics because it is extensive and encompass various research expertise.

Nursing Essays

Time allocated to students for completion of Nursing papers is usually not manageable. Students are really in a tough situation, when they have to complete Nursing papers in a short span of time and the expectations that are associated to their work are high. They are in need of support and assistance. Many types of Nursing papers are there. For all kinds of Nursing papers, the students have to take into consideration certain points in their mind such as structuring of arguments, organizing the paper, inclusion of relevant and appropriate ideas, validating comments from authorial sources, suitable citation, references page according to the writing pattern containing details about all cited resources and required headings according to the Nursing paper topic. Nursing papers are written for a higher level of education and require writing expertise. The students should follow rules and regulations set internationally for academic standard writing.

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Nursing Essays writing should have topics related to the profession of Nursing and should deliver the required information related to Nursing and its experiences. For writing a Nursing essay, the students have to keep in mind that unlike research papers, thesis or dissertations, Nursing Essays are concise activity that requires the writer to make concise comments and deliver his/her ideas in a manner that all the information that is there to be delivered is delivered in a minimized structure. For Nursing Essays writing, the writer should divide his/her argument into introduction, conclusion and main body. Introduction and conclusion have the capacity to make Nursing Essays commendable or lamentable. Proper consideration should be given while writing introduction or conclusion in a Nursing essay.

Nursing Essays needs enough researching so that the presented information in a Nursing research paper is well researched and authentic. Nursing research papers are of two kinds: qualitative Nursing research paper and quantitative Nursing research paper. For both kinds of Nursing research papers, reliable and authentic sources should be concerned for assembling relevant data and information. Both types of researches are different. Sometimes quantitative Nursing research paper is considered better as compared to qualitative research paper and sometimes the case is opposite. Each research type should be selected by checking its relevancy with the topic of the Nursing research paper. Getting online Nursing research paper help and assistance from our company you provide yourself with custom written research papers of premium quality.

Nursing Essays

Like Nursing Essays, nursing term paper also requires some considerable points such as a separate references page, reading of various sources like books, researches, magazines, journal articles, book reviews, book reports, essays, and other online and printed sources. The inclusion of authorial sources is compulsory for academic writing as academic writing is nothing without references. All the claims and comments of a person should be validated by authorial comments to prove them as authentic and reliable.


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Nursing dissertation or Nursing thesis is also written on higher level of academics. The students are required to submit a Nursing dissertation or Nursing thesis that is excellently written, is informative, follows a structured approach, is well organized, contains arguments, contains authorial quotes, is properly referenced and keeps the eligibility of gaining attention. The reader of a Nursing dissertation or Nursing thesis should be compelled to read further after reading a little part of it. Its attention gaining quality makes it a persuasive argumentative Nursing thesis or Nursing dissertation. If you are in search in professional Nursing dissertation help or online Nursing thesis assistance – contact us and our writers will help you with writing dissertations and theses on Nursing.

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Nursing Essays


Aggression in dementia

Aggression in people with dementia is a behaviour that can be evident is care environments where dementia care is given. This is a issue that is becoming a growing health concern (Jackson and Mallory, 2009: Alzheimer’s Society, 2014: Cipriani et al. 2011). This is an issue that is likely to keep growing and developing as the population continues to age. (Nguyen, Love and Kunik. 2008). This is an issue that needs to be managed well with good leadership and guidance from management and nursing staff and the input from all relevant members of the multidisciplinary team charged with caring for individuals who show signs of aggressive behaviour and this is critical in making this achievable and protecting patients and residents in long term care environments from potential harm.

This piece of work will look at a practice situation from a clinical placement area that highlights how resident safety can be an issue within a care environment. This will explore the nursing leadership skills and management that where utilised to address this particular situation and how all care professionals within the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) were involved and the impact this had on all team members.


The situation developed whilst the student was on a first year placement in a nursing care home which specialised in the care of people with varying types and levels of dementia. The situation involved a male resident who was showing signs of aggression towards other residents, both male and female. The staff where as vigilant they could be, but due to limited staff. Aggressive incidents did occur where staff had to attend and separate the residents and try to diffuse the situation. This particular person was developing unusual behaviours that manifested in the individual was found over a period of time to have been getting into various female residents beds when the residents where in them sleeping.

This was initially highlighted by the care staff to the nurse in charge when it was found that this person was found in resident’s rooms and subsequently in female resident’s beds. This was however not acted upon as the nurse thought that this may be a temporary issue and advised care staff to observe this person as much as reasonably possible. This situation however escalated when it was discovered that a female resident was found to be extremely upset and agitated and it was discovered that this was due to this individual in question being in the same bed as her and had woke her up.

This resulted in an emergency meeting having to be arranged between the nurse in charge and members of the MDT team who were involved in the care of this individual and then trying to formulate a suitable strategy that would benefit the care environment, i.e. minimise the issues that had happened and to prevent further issues developing. The nurse in charge and the management also were aware this person still had to have a good quality of life within the environment and promote the safety of the other residents within this care environment.

Nursing Essays

Main body

The Nursing and midwifery council (NMC) code of conduct (2008) emphasises that nurses in all care environments have a duty of care to protect individuals in their care from any form of harm, be it from staff, family members or other people within the particular care environment they are being cared in. This can be extremely challenging as nursing care homes may take residents who possibly are not suitable for the care environment, which then adds to the pressure and may increase the violent incidences that potentially may happen (Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), 2011; Care Quality Commission (CQC) 2014)

Aggression between residents of nursing care homes and other long term care facilities is an issue that is becoming more common as people age and their health issues become more complex (Rosen et al. 2008). Moreover; nursing home resident safety is an issue that has been report widely by media organisations such as daily mail (2014) and governing bodies for example Health and Safety Executive (HSE) (2011) and as Hughes and Lapane (2006) highlight there are some issues with how nurses and care staff perceive resident safety.

This shows how important communication of issues, such as highlighted within the practice situation and how there are potential issues with trying to make sure resident safety is uppermost in the way care staff operate. Furthermore; also highlights that training within care environments can play a pivotal role in helping staff recognises when issues as shown in the practice situation are displayed. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) (2011) also emphasises an issue which has become so common within care environments, this being ‘staffing levels’ and this can be critical in making sure resident safety is at an optimum level. (Harrington et al. 2011).

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