Health and Nursing dissertation topics

Nursing dissertation topics

Health and Nursing dissertation topics

  • Can a relationship between a nurse and a patient help the patient get better?
  • Can gardening therapy decrease stress among the elderly?
  • Can you teach people how to understand food labels so they can avoid becoming unhealthy or obese?
  • Caring for elderly outpatients and community service
  • Do male and female patients who suffer from seizures have social problems and low self esteem?
  • Do poor housing conditions worsen mental health issues?
  • Does art therapy decrease aggression in patients with mania?
  • Does laughter therapy have an effect on depression?
  • Exploring the relationship between ethnicity and community nursing facilities in London
  • Factors affecting quality of life of the older people – A review of community nursing practices and challenges
  • Health care needs of children and the community nursing service in Leicestershire
  • How much of an impact family therapy has on an adolescent with an eating disorder
  • Is it a waste of time or does it help to listen to a schizophrenic patient’s delusions?
  • Obesity awareness and prevention: Can food labelling help to deal with obesity problems in the USA?
  • Recommended practices and policies to ensure high quality community nursing services to pregnant women
  • The role of community nursing practice in relation to health promotion
  • To investigate the impact of existing welfare ideologies and policies on elderly in Leicestershire
  • To what extent the community care has met the needs of elderly with mental health difficulties after being discharged from long stay psychiatric clinics? – A review of literature from the past 10 years
  • What are the psychological problems of the spouses of Alzheimer’s patients?
  • What effect does music therapy have on depressed patients?
  • What is the knowledge and attitude toward tobacco use among teenage boys?
  • What techniques are effective when working with difficult patients with mental health issues?

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