MBA Dissertation Topics

MBA Dissertation Topics in Marketing

  • A management model applied to retail banking: A grounded theory approach
  • A Study of Factors Affecting Organizational Changes
  • An Evaluation of Drivers for Change
  • Analysis of Brand Management in The Global Economy
  • Analysis Within UK Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Are switching costs effective barriers to customer churn in the airline industry?
  • Brand building in the advent of computer age and how the online market ensures larger profits
  • Branding and customer satisfaction.
  • Branding- How Do Well Marketed Brands Get Away with Selling Sub-Par Products?
  • Can effectiveness of advertising depend on a social network?
  • Can food product labels influence customer behavior?
  • Can language influence product identity?
  • Can luxury goods retailers prevent barriers to switching?
  • Change Management in the Banking Sector
  • China’s Business Culture and Management Strategy
  • Commercial banking and asset liability management: Theoretical and empirical approaches
  • Commercial banking: Dimensions and preferences

Marketing Dissertation Proposal

  • Consumer attitude towards functional food.
  • Branding- How Starbucks Has Changed Brand Marketing Forever.
    Can direct marketing be used to build customer relationships or is it simply a transactional medium to acquire new customers?
  • Consumer Psychology- What Role Does Motivation Play in Consumer Choice?
  • Creating and Performing the Balance Scorecard
  • Branding- What are the Ethical Limitations of Brand Marketing Strategies?
  • Critical Success Factors in The Telecoms Industry
  • Customization of products and its long-run benefits to the company’s market share
  • Dealing with competitors online: How does branding affect a firm’s success?
  • Differences in male and female consumer making decision process.
  • Direct Marketing- Can Direct Marketing Build Customer Relationships and Procure New Business as well?
  • Direct Marketing- How Online Mediums Have Changed Direct Marketing Theories and Revolutionized the Marketing Industry.

Dissertation Proposals

  • Do customers respond differently to short and long-term offers? The case of magazine sales.
  • Does gender influence customer buying decision?
  • Does irritating and silly advertising reach customers more effectively than an ordinary one?
  • Drivers and Barriers For Internet Banking
  • Effective Internet marketing activities: what should we expect in the future?
  • Factor Affecting Scientist Or Educationist Response To The Patent Registration
  • How and why does the relationship marketing-traditional marketing continuum vary within an industry?
  • How can celebrities influence consumer buying decision?
  • How Do Automobile Companies Use CRM To Enhance Customer Loyalty?
  • How do demands change upon generations?
  • How do marketing methods differ across the cultures?
  • How does message length affect the success of direct marketing messages? A comparison of online and offline mediums.
  • How does the importance of factors that influence direct selling vary according to product type?
  • How international marketing can use standardization
  • how to market traditionally male products to females
  • How to market traditionally male products to females
  • Impact that social media has currently on customer purchasing choices

Free MBA Dissertation Topics

  • Impacts and analysis of microfinance.
  • Impulsive buying: social and psychological aspects.
  • In what ways do toll-free (freephone) numbers influence consumers response to direct sales promotions?
  • Increasing customer loyalty through mobile campaigns and services
  • Innovations through time: Does it increase the number of customers?
  • International Management Strategy
  • Issues regarding Strategic Alliances
  • Life style and marketing.
  • Managing Supply Chain Vulnerability

MBA Dissertation Topics

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