For historians, putting evidence in context fundamentally means locating it in geographic space and historical time.

For historians, putting evidence in context fundamentally means locating it in geographic space and historical time.  But it often entails much more–thinking about the point of view of individual historical actors (shaped by economic standing, identity (gender, race, class, dis/ability, etc), available cultural and intellectual sources, larger transnational dynamics of power, etc. 

Prompt: Hypothesis: As humans become more modern, they relinquish providentialism in favor of science in order to explain and understand natural disasters. Evaluate the validity of this hypothesis in light of your reading of Mulcahy and Payton. 

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  • Prepare a 150-200 word discussion post in response to the prompt above.  If you prefer, you may offer your own prompt (include at the top of your post) and write a response to it. 
  • At the end record a question you’d like your colleagues to weigh in on in relation to the readings. 

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