Children Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Children Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

  • Improving, recording and perceiving school children’s health from the perspective of school health nursing
  • Critical evaluation of child health nursing through education and practice
  • Identifying challenges and support processes of child health nursing in developing countries
  • To investigate the skills and abilities require to promote and sustain the emerging practice of child health nursing
  • Leadership and intellectual skills needed to be successful in positions of leadership and caring for children
  • Caring for young people and children with complicated health needs
  • To explore the effects of child patient death on nursing staff in a clinical setting: A literature review
  • To understand children’s perspectives on community nursing
  • To identify factors that can help to improve breastfeeding initiation practices among community nurses in the UK
  • Children with congenital heart diseases and the role of parents – A literature review

Clinical Management Dissertation Topics

  • Clinical governance strategies and practices at National Health Services
  • Clinical management of patients with prostate cancer – The risks and challenges
  • Developing optimum strategies for management of patients in adult intensive care units
  • Effectively managing elderly patients in clinical setting
  • Hospitalised patients with diabetes and clinical decision support systems
  • Optimal management plan for patients with post-traumatic stress issues
  • To study various management strategies in surgical cases
  • Use of advanced technology tools to improve clinical management efficiency

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