Business Research Paper Topics

How to write a Business Research Paper

The choice of topic for a business research paper is crucial. The topic should be narrow and manageable for the researcher. However, it should also appeal to a wide spectrum of populations, including direct and secondary stakeholders, clients, and so on. In addition, the topic needs to have practical applicability. Market and competitor analyses are among popular research topics, as well as feasibility studies.

Business Research Paper Structure:

The outline below highlights the essence of each structural section of the business research paper:

  • The Introduction initiates the conversation on the issue; and a strong thesis statement recaps the problem and the author’s plan of action.
  • The Literature Review states the importance of the problem. In addition, it talks about previous attempts to resolve the issue and about historical trends that can inform the current investigation. This section proves to the reader that the author is a credible researcher with broad knowledge and in-depth understanding of the subject area.
  • The Methods and Procedures section can focus on secondary data study, primary data collection and analysis, or a combination of both. Regardless of the approach, the writer has to justify their choices and give a detailed account of the people and the activities involved in the research.
  • The Discussion section is a culmination of the research and the most important part of the paper. This is the place to present a business proposition and to discuss its practical value. This section is the reason for doing the research; its value for the reader is the acquisition of new knowledge.
  • The final section – Conclusion – provides an overview of the entire paper while highlighting the focal points of the discussion.

Business Research Paper Topics

  • Corporate sports and art classes as enhancers of creativity and healthy work environments.
  • Define “healthy work environment.” How can you create one?
  • How can entrepreneurs be encouraged to lead more eco-friendly policies in their companies?
  • How do both world crises and military conflicts influence business in the US?
  • How do you make a museum exhibition interesting and marketable?
  • How does feminism influence products for women (clothes, make up, etc.)?
  • How has social media changed marketing strategies that we use?
  • If personal guns are banned, will this ruin the handgun production industry?
  • If recycling is made mandatory, will it influence the prices of goods? Will it be beneficial in the longer term?
  • Is advertizing on the Internet more effective than other kinds of ads?
  • Is brainstorming as effective in creating business solutions and ideas as it is said to be?
  • Is it acceptable for companies to be allowed to advertise their products in schools?
  • Is it true that people are more willing to pay for a famous brand than for a commodity with the same properties produced by a less famous brand? Why or why not?
  • Should every company hire a psychologist to deal with employee stress?
  • Should minimum salary (or minimum wage) be canceled? If so, how do you evaluate each employee’s work?
  • Should tobacco production companies be obliged to pay more taxes or donate to cancer curing facilities?

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  • The power of image in modern business culture and its effect on consumers’ minds.
  • What are some old and rigid corporate rituals that are still present to this day?
  • What are some psychological tricks that make people buy more expensive goods or a higher quantity than they had originally planned?
  • What are the challenges faced by companies with international human resources?
  • What are the key factors that contributed to high sales rates of mobile phones in the last three years?
  • What are the main disadvantages of outsourcing?
  • What are the most influential brands among teenagers in recent years?
  • What is the best country in 2016 to invest money in and why?
  • What is the culture of consumerism? Do you believe that it was artificially created by the largest companies for their own profit?
  • Business Research Paper Topics

Free Business Research Paper Topics

  • What role does business ethics play in making important decisions for a company?
  • What roles do ethics and morality play in a business-oriented society?
  • Why have start-ups become so popular in recent years? What is the reason for the occurrence of this phenomenon?
  • Will involvement in a charity make a company more popular and likable?
  • Will the traditional definition of commerce and retail die in 10-15 years, and shopping activity migrate entirely to the Internet?
  • Knowledge Management: Strategy, Culture, Intellectual Capital, and Communities of Inquiry
  • Facilitating Mobile and Virtual Work
  • Balancing the Implications of Employee Telework: Understanding the Impacts for Individuals and Organizations
 Business Topics for Research Paper
  • Activist Groups Tactics to Influence Companies
  • Collaborative Innovation: Web-Based Tools for Customer Involvement in New Product Development
  • Coordination in Global Teams
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial Resilience: What Makes Entrepreneurs Start Another Business After Failure?
  • Examine the policies used by companies to promote diversity in the workplace.
  • Excessive Work and Its Business Consequences
  • Explore the history of partnerships between the government and private companies in your state. Identify the main advantages and disadvantages of this form of collaboration for both parties and for the public
  • Factors Influencing Women Managers’ Success
  • Fostering Social and Civic Responsibility by Organizations and Their People
  • Future Directions in Labor Relations: A 2025 Perspective
  • Global Business Citizenship: A Model of Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior for the 21st Century
  • Governmental Impedimentation and Facilitation of Entrepreneurship
  • High Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Identify primary ethics concerns in a specific industry and the means companies can use to address them.
  • Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility in the Management of Supply Chains
  • Organizational Crisis Management in the Post-9/11 Business Epoch
  • Organizational Emergence: Business Start-Up Issues
  • Poverty Alleviation as a Corporate Issue
  • Provide a brief overview of the history and main forms of franchising. Compare and contrast buying a franchise and launching a startup as two ways to start your own business.
  • Review the theoretical basis of performance-based pay. Discuss main methods of linking employee payments to their performance
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise
  • Strategic Planning in New Ventures and Young SMEs
  • The Evolving Nature of Work Teams: Changing to Meet the Requirements of the Future

Business Research Paper Topics

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